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National Pharmaceutical Congress XIII

October, 2019 - Mississauga Convention Centre

Introductory Remarks
Ben Parry,
The Pangaea Group

Rapid Fire Masterclass I
Political Panel - Election's Over - What Now?
Sponsored by Bayshore HealthCare Specialty Rx

Rapid Fire Masterclass I Introduction
Karl Frank,
Bayshore HealthCare Specialty Rx

Repercussions of PMPRB
Pamela Fralick,
Innovative Medicines Canada

Election's Over - What Now?
Andrew Casey,

Ontario Perspective
Jason Field,
Life Sciences Ontario

Rapid Fire Masterclass I Q&A

Rapid Fire Masterclass II
Medical Cannabis - One Year Later,
Were Our Predictions Correct?

Sponsored by Ashfield Healthcare Canada

Rapid Fire Masterclass II Introduction
Joel Erickson,
Ashfield Healthcare Canada

Medical Cannabis: One Year Later
John McNeill,
Spectrum Therapeutics, Canopy Growth

Medical Cannabis - One Year Later,
Were Our Predictions Correct?
Eileen McMahon,
Torys LLP

Investor Perspective on Medical Cannabis
Brian Bloom,
Bloom Burton & Co

Rapid Fire Masterclass II Q&A

Rapid Fire Masterclass III
How to Maintain Performance and Success Through Turbulent Times of Mergers and Acquisitions
Sponsored by McKesson Canada

Rapid Fire Masterclass III Introduction
Stephanie Babbitt,
McKesson Specialty Health

Insights into Mergers and Acquisitions
Arima Ventin,

Performance & Success During M&A
Kevin Leshuk,

Merger Realities and Challenges
Pat Forsythe,
Eisai Inc.

Rapid Fire Masterclass III Q&A

Rapid Fire Masterclass IV
Getting Rid of Bias to Ensure Inclusion in our Companies
Sponsored by Shoppers Drug Mart Specialty Health Network

Rapid Fire Masterclass IV Introduction
Tony Volpe,
Shoppers Drug Mart Specialty Health Network

Getting Rid of Bias to Ensure Inclusion in our Companies
Linnea Doyle,
Gilead Sciences Canada Inc.

Diversity and Inclusion Across the Leadership Pipeline
Sylvie Pilon,
Lundbeck Canada

How Do You Measure Inclusion in Your Organization?
Paul Petrelli,
Jazz Pharmaceuticals

Rapid Fire Masterclass IV Q&A

Rapid Fire Masterclass V
Successful Behaviours Expected
When Joining Leadership Teams

Sponsored by Impres Pharma

Rapid Fire Masterclass V Introduction
Tiana DiMichele,
Impres Pharma

Tales of a New GM:
Lessons Learned in Year One
Carol Stiff,
Santen Canada Inc.

Successful Behaviours When
Joining Leadership Teams
Brian Canestraro,
Intercept Pharmaceuticals

Imagine Launching Without Approval
Robin Hunter,
Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals

Rapid Fire Masterclass V Q&A

Closing Remarks and Summation
Mitch Shannon,
Chronicles Companies

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