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The Canadian Healthcare Hall of Fame program is a voluntary effort established to recognize the achievements of our colleagues. Since the founding of the program in 2002, over 120 honored Members have been inducted, from among many hundreds of deserving nominees.

The Hall of Fame selections committee evaluates nominations based on the number of nominations received for a particular nominee, the rationale for the nomination, the length of industry service by the nominee, and the number of times that a nominee has been proposed since the inception of the program. Chosen Honorees stand for, in the view of the selection committee, a representative cross-section of the qualities that make our business unique and fulfilling.


The 2023 21st Annual Canadian Healthcare Hall of Fame Inductees will be honored during the 17th National Pharmaceutical Congress.

Awards Criteria

Nominees are healthcare marketing professionals who, consistently throughout their careers in Canada, in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device/supply industries, or organizations which supply those industries (such as communications, educational services, advertising and marketing services) have:


• Made a lasting impact on others; or
• Served as a source of inspiration; or
• Have demonstrated extraordinary dedication and commitment to the humane   principles inherent in our profession

Categories of Awards

Created to honor healthcare marketers who have contributed to our avocation and are an inspiration to others Award Categories.

Achievement Awards

Presented to individuals who have dedicated more than 10 years of their careers to our industry, who have accumulated a body of achievements.

Merit Awards

Presented to individuals whose specific activities deserve recognition, either for having led or championed a noteworthy project or effort, or having acted as mentors.

Phil Diamond Award

Presented to an individual whose record of service to the community is exemplary and deserving of industry-wide recognition.

Your nomination must include:

1. Nominee’s name and contact information.

2. Your name and your contact information.

3. A brief rationale of 100 to 250 words supporting the nomination.

E-mail to:

2023 Canadian Healthcare Marketing Hall of Fame Nomination Form

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