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Season Eleven

Bonnie Crombie

Episode 1

Expanding 'Pill Hill': Attracting Pharma Investment in Mississauga

Dave Cann

Episode 5

How to Manage Your Career: Aligning Personal and Career Goals

Paul Petrelli

Episode 2

Minding the Generational Gap in Pharma's Workforce

Jennifer Wellman

Episode 6

From Biochemistry Bench to the Pharma Marketing Business

Kevin Leshuk

Episode 3

The Evolving Pharma Landscape: How to Plan for Change

Dimitris Polygenis

Episode 7

Improving Healthcare Access with Data Connectivity

Fanny Sie

Episode 4

Fanny Sie of Roche on the Healthcare Benefits of Open Source AI and Collaboration

Andrea Schwarz

Episode 8

Encouraging Women Leadership in Pharma

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