2011 Congress

National Pharmaceutical Congress 2011

Wednesday, March 30, 2011 Toscana Conference Centre, Vaughan, Ont.



Moderator, David Renwick, Director, Pangaea Group

Introduction: David Renwick, Session Chair and Conference Co-chair (touchpad questions)

1. Russell Williams, President, Rx &D 8:05-8:15 

Presentation title: Key Issues that keep Rx&D members awake 

2. Peter Brenders, President & CEO, BIOTECanada 8:15-8:25 
Presentation title: Key Issues that keep BIOTECanada members awake 

3. Morris Goodman, Chairman of the Board, Pharmascience Inc. 8:25-8:35 
Presentation title: Key issues that keep the Canadian Generic Association members awake 
4. David Skinner, President, Consumer Health Products Canada 8:35-8:45 
Presentation title: Key issues that keep Consumer Health Product leaders awake 
Audience Interaction 8:45-9:00 

OXFORD DEBATE I 9:00-9:20 
Resolved: This house supports the establishment of the “National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences”, funded by the US Government, to speed the development of new drugs by conducting early-stage research that the pharmaceutical industry is unable or unwilling to perform. 
Moderator: Dr. Shafiq Qaadri, MPP 
Moderator: Touchpad Voting 
For the affirmative: Mark McElwain, kbs+p (Toronto) 5 mins. 
For the negative: Jill Donahue, Excellerate (Toronto) 5 mins 
Rebuttals (90 seconds each) 
Moderator: (2nd audience touchpad vote, and resolution) 

Audience Interaction 

Nutritional Break, Networking 9:20-9:40 

Session 2 9:40-10:35 
Moderator: Michael Brogan (IMS Brogan, Montreal) 9:40-9:45

1. Brian Jahns, Director of Hematology Business Unit, Hoffmann-La Roche Limited 9:45-9:55 

Presentation title: It's Not an Option: Customer Centricity is the Future 

2. Andreas Seiger, Marketing Director, Diabetes Care - Novo Nordisk Canada Inc. 9:55-10:00
Presentation title: Lifecycle Management & Forecasting 

3. Doug Grant, Head, Corporate Affairs, Bayer Healthcare 10:00-10:10 
Presentation title: The Challenge of Reimbursement 

4. Kevin Leshuk, General Manager, Celgene Inc. 10:10-10:20 
Presentation title: The Tantalus Paradigm 

Audience Interaction 10:20-10:25 

OXFORD DEBATE II 10:25-10:45 
Resolved: This house believes corporate intellectual property rights and worldwide human health initiatives must always be mutually exclusive concepts 
Introduction: 3 mins. 
Moderator, Dr. Shafiq Qaadri, MPP Touchpad Voting 
For the affirmative: Eileen McMahon, Torys (Toronto) 5 mins 
For the negative: Marc Lalande, Learning Andrago Inc. (Montreal) 
Rebuttals (90 seconds each) 
Moderator: (2nd audience touchpad vote, and resolution) 

Audience Interaction 

Session 3 10:45-11:45 
Introduction: Mitchell Shannon, Chronicle Companies, Session Chair and Conference Co-chair (touchpad questions) 10:45-10:50 

1. Pat Forsythe, Neurosciences Business Unit Director, Allergan Inc. 10:50-11:00 
Presentation title: Selling Science: Marketing Specialty Care Products 

2. Robin Hunter, Vice President, Critical Care, Leo Pharma Inc. 11:00-11:10 
Presentation title: Five Tips for a Better, Smarter Pharma 

3.Thomas Schlader, General Manager, Valeant Canada Ltd. 11:10-11:20 
Presentation title: 11 Strategies to become a faster/smarter pharma- "the Valeant experience". 

4.Claude Perron, Vice President & General Manager, Shire Canada Inc. 11:20-11:30 
Presentation title: The key learnings of the Adderall XR® suspension and re-instatement of NOC in 2005 

5. Michael Tremblay, President, Astellas Pharma Canada Inc. 11:30-11:40 
Presentation title: Improving Patient Lives Program 

Audience Interaction 11:40-11:45 

Concluding remarks and conference summary: 11:45-11:50 

Champagne reception to honor the 2011 inductees to the Canadian Healthcare Marketing Hall of Fame 11:50:12:30 





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