14th annual npc meeting

Wednesday, October 21, 2020
Wednesday, October 28, 2020
Wednesday, November 4, 2020

A virtual series of weekly webinars for the Canadian pharmaceutical industry


*Agenda subject to change*

Chronicle Companies is pleased to host the 14th Annual National Pharmaceutical Congress, a 3 day event in the form of weekly webinars starting October 21, 2020. As Canada's largest stage for leaders in the pharmaceutical industry, the Congress presents industry reflections, ideas, and innovations. The Congress is attended by over 200 delegates every year and is an opportunity to learn, reflect, and network with the industry's most prominent thought leaders and visionaries.

who should participate:

  • Chairman/CEO/COO

  • R&D Heads

  • Business Development and Sales Heads/Managers

  • Industry Analysts

  • Leaders in Research Organization

  • Marketers

why you should participate:

Published November 2, 2017 on LinkedIn by Simon Reid, Recruitment Director, St. Amour and Associates

Pharma Congress: Highlights and Insights

I attended the pharmaceutical congress (http://www.pharmacongress.info/) last week and found it to be a very compelling conference. For those who could not have attend here are a few highlights:

  • Culture is king: In presentations by senior leaders from Otsuka and Purdue, building and changing culture was a key focus. In fact, in a survey of conference attendees 94% rated culture as very important to their organization. An example was given of a representative who was outperforming their nearest colleague by nearly 100% because of a personal connection to the therapeutic area. This continues to reinforce the importance of having a strong vision from senior leadership that is well communicated and lived throughout the organization.

  • Market access continues to be a challenge in the Canadian pharmaceutical industry. There were a number of executives who addressed this concern at various times with pertinent examples of situations where Canada was underperforming the G20 in regarding to market access for life sustaining medications. The need for professionals who can sell value and have established relationships with payers will continue to be in demand.

  • Oncology and rare diseases will continue to shape our industry. There is still a great need for treatments in these two therapeutic areas and pharma is continuing to respond to this demand. This trend will continue over the medium term. Gaining this experience will lead to ample opportunities in the job market.

  • It is reasonable to suggest that AIDS will be eradicated in the next 20 years. This is the goal of ViiV healthcare. Thanks to a stirring presentation from Sarah Leclerc, GM of ViiV Healthcare Canada, we all now understand our responsibility to get tested.

  • Cultivating talent locally is as important in business success as anything. 24% of executives rated local talent development as most important in business success on par with other metrics like strategy, unit development and sales and marketing excellence. Given the complexity of specialty pharmaceutical markets, it is important to have a partner who recognizes talent to continue to meet the challenges of our evolving industry.

It was a pleasure to attend this event. What was also very obvious was the passion that all of these executives have for helping patients. I found this to be especially motivating. Congratulations to all of the award winners!


“...the one Canadian meeting that I do my utmost to attend. I find the topics chosen relevant and the speakers well versed in their respective areas. In addition, I also look forward to the networking opportunities that this meeting brings.”

--Michael J. Tremblay 

President, Astellas Pharma Canada Inc

Markham, ON.

"...the day was well spent, it was well laid out and above all else I gained valuable insights I would not have had if I did I hadn’t attended. It was a day that offered great speakers, current and relevant topics as well as treasured networking prospects. I would attend this meeting and recommend it to others. "

--Roula Papaioannou

Professional Relations Manager, P&G

Toronto, ON.

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"...an opportunity to attend a fast paced event where industry insiders cover important and relevant issues in a half day event....no expensive investment, either in time or fees, in padded programmes…and because it is run as a not-for-profit, it supports local charity. I was impressed the first time I attended and I still am."

--Jim Shea

General Manager, Council for Continuing Pharmaceutical Education (CCPE)

St-Laurent, QC.