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National Pharmaceutical Congress II

November 28, 2007

The National Pharmaceutical Congress of 2007 was divided into three rapid-fire sessions entitled The Operating Climate, The Patient/Physician Climate, and The Innovation/Creativity Climate. These sessions provided the opportunity for leaders in the life sciences industry to present reflections, ideas and innovations.


Rapid Fire Session I: The Operating Climate

Welcoming Remarks

Joseph Knott

The Pangaea Group of Companies

Industry Overview

Ronnie Miller

Canada's Research-Based Pharmaceutical Companies (Rx&D)

Greg Glenn

The JBL Group

Graham Jobson

Solvay Pharma Inc.

Andy McClenaghan

P&G Pharmaceuticals Canada

Oxford Debate I

Moderator: Dr. Shafiq Qaadri, MPP,

Parliamentary Assistant to the Minister of Health Promotion

For the affirmative: Dr. David R. Greenberg, D. Dave HealthCare Solutions

For the negative: Marc Lalande,

Council for Continuing Pharmaceutical Education (CCPE)

Resolved: This house believes the role of the professional pharmaceutical representatives is outmoded and recommends an industry-wide reduction of drug reps by 20 percent

Nutritional Break, Networking

Rapid Fire Session II: The Patient/Physician Climate


Bruce Good

IMS Health Canada

Ron Clark

Nycomed Canada

Vince Lamanna

Novo Nordisk Canada Inc.

Michael Luther

Merck Research Laboratories

Ray Chepesiuk

Pharmaceutical Advertising Advisory Board (PAAB)

Audience Q&A

Rapid Fire Session III: The Innovation/Creativity Climate


Mitch Shannon

Chronicle Companies

Mark Beaudet

Paladin Labs Inc.

Patrick Cashman

Lundbeck Canada Inc.

Richard MacKay

Stiefel Canada Inc.

Audience Q&A

Concluding Remarks and Summary

Mitch Shannon

Chronicle Companies

Canadian Healthcare Marketing Hall of Fame Reception

followed by

Canadian Healthcare Marketing Hall of Fame Gala Luncheon

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