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National Pharmaceutical Congress V

March 30, 2011 - Toscana Conference Centre

11 Strategies for a Faster, Smarter Pharma

Moderator Introduction

David Renwick

Director, Pangaea Group

Key Issues That Keep Rx&D Members Awake

Russell Williams

President, Rx&D

Key Issues That Keep BIOTECanada Members Awake

Peter Brenders

President & CEO, BIOTECanada

Key Issues That Keep The Canadian Generic Pharmaceutical Association Members Awake

Morris Goodman

Chairman of the Board, Pharmascience Inc.

Key Issues That Keep Consumer Health Product Leaders Awake

David Skinner

President, Consumer Health Products Canada

Audience Interaction

Oxford Debate I

Moderator: Dr. Shafiq Qaadri, MPP

For the affirmative: Mark McElwain, kbs+p

For the negative: Jill Donahue, Excellerate

Resolved: This house supports the establishment of the "National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences", funded by the US Government, to speed the development of new drugs by conducting early-stage research that the pharmaceutical industry is unable or unwilling to perform

Audience Interaction

Moderator Introduction

Michael Brogan

IMS Brogran

It's Not an Option: Customer Centricity is the Future

Brian Jahns

Director of Hematology Business Unit, Hoffmann-La Roche Limited

Lifecycle Management & Forecasting

Andreas Seiger

Marketing Director Diabetes Care, Novo Nordisk Canada Inc.

The Challenge of Reimbursement

Doug Grant

Head, Corporate Affairs, Bayer Healthcare

The Tantalus Paradigm

Kevin Leshuk

General Manager, Celgene Inc.

Audience Q&A

Oxford Debate II

Moderator: Dr. Shafiq Qaadri, MPP

For the affirmative: Eileen McMahon, Torys

For the negative: Marc Lalande, Learning Andrago Inc.

Resolved: This house believes corporate intellectual property rights and worldwide human health initiatives must always be mutually exclusive concepts

Audience Interaction

Moderator Introduction

Mitch Shannon

Chronicle Companies

Selling Science: Marketing Specialty Care Products

Pat Forsythe

Neurosciences Business Unit Director, Allergan Inc.

Five Tips for a Better, Smarter Pharma

Robin Hunter

Vice-President, Critical Care, Leo Pharma Inc.

11 Strategies to Become a Faster/Smarter Pharma: The Valeant Experience

Thomas Schlader

General Manager, Valeant Canada Ltd.

The Key Learnings of the Adderall XR Suspension and

Re-Instatement of NOC in 2005

Claude Perron

Vice-President & General Manager, Shire Canada Inc.

Improving Patient Lives Program

Michael Tremblay

President, Astellas Pharma Canada Inc.

Audience Interaction

Concluding Remarks and Conference Summary

Mitch Shannon

Chronicle Companies

Canadian Healthcare Marketing Hall of Fame Reception

followed by

Canadian Healthcare Marketing Hall of Fame Gala Luncheon

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