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National Pharmaceutical Congress XII

October, 2018 - Mississauga Convention Centre

Introductory Remarks
Ben Parry,
The Pangaea Group

Rapid Fire Masterclass I
Pharma's Diversity Problem?
Inclusion at Senior Management Level

Sponsored by Bayshore HealthCare Specialty Rx

Rapid Fire Masterclass I Introduction
Karl Frank,
Bayshore HealthCare Specialty Rx

Encouraging Women in the Leadership Pipeline
Sylvie Pilon,
Lundbeck Canada

Have You Had This Experience?
Paul Petrelli,
Jazz Pharmaceuticals

Overcoming the Diversity Odds in Pharma
Gamze Yüceland,
Takeda Canada

Obstacles to Diversity and Inclusion
Brian Hilberdink,
Novo Nordisk Canada

Rapid Fire Masterclass II
The Future of Customer-Facing Deployment
Sponsored by McKesson Canada

Rapid Fire Masterclass II Introduction
Jay Mayers,
McKesson Canada

What's in a Title?
Kevin Leshuk,

Treating the Opioid Crisis
David Renwick,
Adapt Pharma

Transforming Healthcare
Catherine Rice,

Rapid Fire Masterclass III
What Lies Ahead? Featuring Medical/Adult Use of Cannabis
Sponsored by Ashfield Healthcare Canada

Rapid Fire Masterclass III Introduction
Joel Erickson,
Ashfield Healthcare Canada

How Will Patients and Healthcare Professionals Navigate?
Kim Horrill,
Emblem Corporation

The Industry Perspective:
This is Not a Trojan Horse
John McNeill,
Canopy Growth Corporation

Legal Overview of Medical Cannabis
Eileen McMahon,
Torys LLP

Canadian Investments in Medical Cannabis
Brian Bloom,
Bloom Burton & Co

Rapid Fire Masterclass IV
O Canada! Will New Companies Still Want to Invest Here?
Sponsored by Shoppers Drug Mart, Specialty Health Network

Rapid Fire Masterclass IV Introduction
Tony Volpe,
Shoppers Drug Mart Specialty Health Network

Canada as a Tier 1 Country
Pamela Fralick,
Innovative Medicines Canada

Top 10 Reasons
James Hall,
Aralez Pharmaceuticals

Find Another Way or Another Place
Peter Brenders,
Waypost Diagnostics Inc.

Pharma Investment and the Canadian Economy
Andrew Casey,

Rapid Fire Masterclass V
Myths and Facts Surrounding National Pharmacare
Sponsored by Impres Pharma

Rapid Fire Masterclass V Introduction
Tiana DiMichele,
Impres Pharma

National Pharmacare in Canada: A Level Set
Carol Stiff,

Myths & Facts, Evidence, Assumptions & Options, Lies, Damn Lies & Statistics
Robin Hunter,
Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals

National Pharmacare and the Potential Impact on Private Payers
Brian Canestraro,
Intercept Pharmaceuticals

National Pharmacare: 
International Trade Considerations
Arima Ventin,

Closing Remarks
Mitch Shannon,
Chronicle Companies

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